Cox Broadcasting Corp. v. Cohn, 420 U.S. 469 (1975), was a United States Supreme Court case involving freedom of the press publishing public information .


Cox v. New Hampshire, 312 U.S. 569 (1941), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the ... In 1941, all 68 Jehovah's Witnesses were convicted in a New Hampshire municipal ... Does the New Hampshire state statute that prohibits unlicensed parades violate the First Amendment's guarantees of freedom of speech and ...


Davis, et al. v. Cox, et al. .... despite their argument that disclosure of those documents would infringe upon their First Amendment right to freedom of association.


In Cox v. New Hampshire, 312 U.S. 569 (1941), the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a number of Jehovah's Witnesses ... Alabama (1940), and Carlson v .


It is unconstitutional under the First Amendment to criminalize releasing the name of a rape victim or to permit a private right of action against the press for doing ...


Aug 21, 2017 ... ... truck, violating her First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments rights. ... Cox v. Voyles, et. al. - Judge's Order on the Motions to Dismiss.


Cox v. Louisiana (No. 24). Argued: October 21, 1964. Decided: January 18, 1965 ... freedom of speech and assembly in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments. ... The Louisiana court, in two judgments, affirmed all three convictions.


Cox v. New Hampshire ... Petitioner. Willis Cox, et al. ... guarantees of freedom of speech and assembly as applied to the states by the Fourteenth Amendment?


Cox appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on the ground that all three statutes were ... to free speech and assembly under the First and Fourteenth Amendments ?