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An appellate court, commonly called an appeals court, court of appeals ( American English), ... However, appeals may be costly, and the appellate court must find an error on the part of the court below that justifies upsetting the verdict.


Court of Criminal Appeals may refer to: Army Court of Criminal Appeals · Navy- Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals · Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals  ...


CRIMINAL APPEALS. PART I. BASIC ASPECTS OF A SYSTEM OF CRIMINAL APPEALS. Standard 21-1.1. The defendant's right to appeal from conviction in a ...


The Appellate Section prepares draft briefs and certiorari petitions for the Solicitor General for filing in the U.S. Supreme Court; makes recommendations to the ...


An individual who has been convicted of a crime may appeal his or her case, asking ... evidence, such as documents or objects, also becomes part of the record.


A person who has been convicted of a crime has a number of options for seeking additional relief from the criminal justice system -- including filing an appeal to.


The Criminal Appeals Section handles an array of post-conviction litigation filed by state prisoners challenging their state convictions, including criminal appeals,  ...


When and why may a criminal defendant appeal a conviction, and what is the process ... the appeal, it may reverse the lower court's decision in whole or in part .


Each Judge Advocate General shall establish a Court of Criminal Appeals ... or an appeal has not been withdrawn under section 861 of this title (article 61). (c).