Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company was a personal injury tort case decided in Orange County ... the combination of a stronger bumper, a smooth (bolt-free) differential, and the addition of both hat sections and horizontal cross-members.


1259, 30 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 33,028. Clyde WALKER, Plaintiff-Appellant, Cross- Appellee, v. FORD MOTOR COMPANY and Northgate Lincoln-Mercury Dealer,


Jul 5, 2017 ... Case opinion for CA Court of Appeal JOSEPH PETITPAS v. ... Plaintiffs Marline Petitpas and Joseph Petitpas sued Ford Motor Company, ..... On cross- examination, Hatfield said that if Joseph picked up dust on his clothes at ...


Case opinion for US 6th Circuit ARNDT v. FORD MOTOR ... FORD MOTOR COMPANY, Defendant-Appellee. ..... Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mich., 574 Fed.


On cross-examination by counsel for the Ford Motor Company, this contract ... the right to sue the Lincoln Motor Company or the Ford Motor Company, if privity of ...


Pool v. Ford Motor Co. - 715 S.W.2d 629. ... Pool and his wife brought this suit against Ford Motor Company alleging design and/or ..... Furthermore, on cross- examination, Ford's attorney asked Mrs. Pool about the allegations in the affidavit in ...


FORD MOTOR COMPANY, Defendant and Appellant ... On cross-examination, Ford's counsel, among other things, attempted to show self-interest and bias on ...


v. Ford Motor Company. helpCheck If This Is Still Good Law. United States ..... been revealed during direct or cross examination that warrants reversal of its initial ...

Nov 16, 2015 ... Ervin Gonzalez Cross-Examination of Ford Motor Company Engineer in Julian Felipe v. Ford Motor Company on July 12, 2007.