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The Japanese diet has traditionally contained large amounts of rice starch. In contrast, a Biaka individual carried six copies (three copies on each allele). The Biaka are rainforest hunter-gatherers who have traditionally consumed a low- starch diet. Perry and colleagues speculated the increased copy number of the salivary ...


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Robert J. Bowell, Charles N. Alpers, Heather E. Jamieson, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and Juraj Majzlan, editors. 2014, i-xvi + 635 pages. ... 2014) presents an overview of arsenic geochemical cycles and is followed by a chapter on the paragenesis and crystal chemistry of arsenic minerals (chapter 2; Majzlan et al. 2014). The next ...


Since 1991, as a Research Chemist with USGS, Dr. Alpers has led numerous water-quality investigations involving the environmental effects of historical mining. ..... Majzlan, J., Navrotsky, A., McCleskey, R.B., and Alpers, C.N., 2006, Thermodynamic properties and crystal structure refinement of ferricopiapite, coquimbite, ...


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The mineral crystallinity (crystal size/perfection) was significantly increased in DMP1 KO and HET mice relative to WT. Histological analysis .... Veis A, Perry A. The phosphoprotein of the dentin Matrix. Biochemistry. 1967 ... 1):33–40. [ PubMed]. 7. Hudkins KL, Giachelli CM, Cui Y, Couser WG, Johnson RJ, Alpers CE.


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