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(Burnside and Dollar (2000) versus Hansen and Tarp (2001) and most recently. Easterly et al. (2003)). Our own view, as described in Hudson and Mosley (2001), is that aid effectiveness, in the sense of raising growth rates, has experienced an upward step-jump since the 1980s but that the role of policy in increasing it.


Many authors within and outside the World Bank have conducted theo- retical and empirical analyses of policy conditionality (see Haggard and. Webb 1995; Mosley et al. 1991; Svensson 2000; World Bank 1988). Our methodological contribution in this chapter is to base all our analysis on explicit theories of public choice.


Aug 17, 2017 ... WHITE PLAINS – Two indictments were unsealed on Aug. 17, charging 31 members and associates of two rival street gangs operating in Poughkeepsie: Uptown and Downtown. The gangs are charged in two separate Indictments – United States v. Douglas Owens et al., 17 Cr. 506 (NSR) (the Uptown ...


Nov 26, 2010 ... Such a regime change to performance-based aid has been proposed by Collier et al. ... conditions prior to receiving aid, they insist that recipients may still reverse reforms after having been selected by donors as eligible for aid (Mosley et al. ... Change in control of corruption: Treatment vs control groups.


Briefs of amici curiae urging affirmance were filed for the State of Florida et al. by Robert A. Butterworth, Attorney General of Florida, and Louis F. Hubener and ..... Regan v. Time, Inc., 468 U.S. 641, 648 -649 (1984). See also Police Dept. of Chicago v. Mosley, 408 U.S. 92, 95 (1972). In the context of financial regulation, ...


Guillamont and Chauvet, 2001, Hudson and Mosley, 2001, Lloyd et al., 2001, Lu and. Ram 2001, Chauvet ... per capita national income growth, the exception being Lloyd et al., which looked at private consumption growth. ..... Amavilah, V.H. (1998), “German Aid and Trade versus Namibian GDP and Labour. Productivity” ...


May 15, 2015 ... Former Formula One chief Max Mosley and Google have settled a long-running legal dispute in three European countries related to images from a secretly filmed orgy, representatives from both sides said.


This relationship was modified by sex, with alcohol consumption having a stronger association with TCBV in females than males (r=-0.29 vs. ... (TBV) and WMH volumes were corrected for total cranial volume (TCV); the resulting measures are TBV/TCV*100 (TCBV) and WMH/TCV*100 (WMHV) as described by DeCarli et al.


Feb 11, 2014 ... No. 82S01-1306-PL-437. VFW POST 2953, ET AL.,. Appellants (Plaintiffs), v. CITY OF EVANSVILLE AND. EVANSVILLE COMMON COUNCIL,. Appellees .... Moseley, 643 N.E.2d 296, 298. (Ind. 1994). ... any bar or tavern that holds a beer, liquor and/or wine retailer's permit under the laws of Indiana.