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Capacity, 2,489. Opened, July, 1868. Lansing Correctional Facility (LCF) is a state prison operated by the Kansas Department of ... Warden Tomlinson of the Kansas penitentiary has a force of prisoners moving the "convict graveyard. ... and more and allow the inmate to pay fines and child support while serving his sentence.


May 1, 2013 ... SAM CLINE, Current Warden,. Hutchinson Correctional Facility, in his official and individual capacity;. DAVID R. MCKUNE, Warden, Lansing.


Mar 5, 2009 ... ELLEN BARTZ and DAVID McKUNE, ... Keyes is an inmate at the Lansing Correctional. Facility in Lansing, Kansas (LCF), and has been housed in ... He has sued Bartz and McKune in their official capacities. In his ... individual capacities), and (4) for failure to state any claim for relief under the cited ...


during his incarceration at the Lansing Correction Facility (“LCF”). ... 1983 against the following defendants: David R. McKune, Kyle Deere, Rex Pryor, Ellen ... Plaintiff sued all defendants in their official and individual capacities except for ... McKune (the previous warden at LCF) with Rex Pryor (the current warden at LCF)  ...


David R. McKune Current Amendment Effective: ... Inmate will be told what to expect upon his arrival at LCF. 0. ... The Warden and Execution Coordinator will meet and discuss all aspects, processes, and time lir ... The Lansing Correctional Facility Execution Coordinator shall: a. ... official capacity for the State of Kansas.


Sep 14, 2012 ... Warden McKune retires today after 37 years with the KDOC. He will continue his career in corrections as the Director for the Johnson County Juvenile ... commends retiring Lansing Correctional Facility Warden David McKune.


Nov 23, 2016 ... DAVID MCKUNE (Warden), et al.,. (Raymond ... Corrections, a prison warden, or certain other officials and (2) file proof of that exhaustion ... In September 2011, Jeffrey Sperry, an inmate at the Lansing Correctional Facility. (LCF) .... in their individual capacities—as opposed to official capacities—remained.


Gary R. Mccaughtry, Warden, Waupun Correctional Institution,respondent- appellee ...... Ken Coblentz, in His Official and Individual Capacity;robert Furlong, in His ... David R. Mckune, Warden of Lansing Correctional Facility;john C. Callison, ...


Martin Horn, in His Official Capacity As the Commissioner of the ..... for the Woodford County Public Schools; Roy Chapman, in His Individual Capacity, .... Industries; David R. Mckune, Warden, Lansing Correctional Facility; Charles E.