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A former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by a chemical that is part of a group of nerve agents known as Novichok, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said. France, Germany and the US have backed the UK's assessment that Russian involvement is the "only plausible explanation", in spite of Russian denials.


1 day ago ... One of my favorite things in drifting is when a car is set up to sort of drive itself. Watch this video to see what I mean.


Certain accounts can mention a business partner when they share branded content as a post in feed or in a story. This means that they have a commercial...


4 days ago ... A new male birth control pill appears to be safe and lowers levels of testosterone, but it's not yet clear if it actually works as a contraceptive.


Does a New Facebook Algorithm Only Show You 26 Friends? Facebook hasn't limited your feed to only a certain number of people, and sharing a post saying otherwise won't make any difference. 323K ...


Car Rental Citations and Tolls. Why did I get a citation? How can I obtain payment information or a copy of a receipt for my toll charges? Where does Enterprise offer the ability to use toll lanes?


Package Name, XM Mostly Music, XM Select, XM All Access. Number of Channels. 80+. Channels. 140+. Channels. 150+. Channels. Price. per month. 10 99. See Offer Details. per month. 1599. See Offer Details. per month. 2099. See Offer Details. Subscribe · Subscribe · Subscribe. Streaming. Commercial-Free Music ...


2 days ago ... So, why, in ratings period after ratings period, does the station finish third among the city's English-language stations — not only at 10, but at every competitive news time? Even with the boost of the Winter Olympics, News 4 remained below its two main competitors — KSAT and KENS — in terms of the ...


3 days ago ... Germany's new Interior Minister caused uproar last week when he declared that " Islam doesn't belong to Germany." The Germany expression is a headache to translate, partly because it is so deliberately vague.