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May 28, 2017 ... Giulia Zancolli 1,*, Libia Sanz 2, Juan J. Calvete 2 and Wolfgang Wüster 1,*. 1 ..... SYNAPT G2 High Definition Mass Spectrometry System (Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USA). ... MS/MS mass tolerance was set to ± 0.6 Da.


Electrocompetent GeneHog E. coli cells (Invitrogen Corp.,. USA) as described .... 25,247.69 Da for EU790597 from O. kaurna to 26,890.93. Da for EU790599 (also ..... Fry BG, Wuster W, Kini RM, Brusic V, Khan A, Venkataraman D,. Rooney AP ...


May 5, 2007 ... purchased from Promega Corp. (Madison .... 13830, and 14084 Da, respectively. Thus ... Da. Specific activitiesa. (μmol/mg/min). N-terminal sequence ..... manifestations of envenoming by snakes, in: R.S. Thorpe, W. Wuster, A.


Turner RT, Dube M, Branscum AJ, Wong CP, Olson DA, Zhong X, Kweh MF, ..... Wüster C, Muñoz-Torres M, Bone HG, Rosen CJ, Andersen HS, Hanley DA.


Dec 27, 2005 ... Chronic i.c.v. Infusion. Osmotic minipumps (model 1003D, Alzet, Durect Corp. ..... Taylor, D. A. & Fleming, W. W. (2001) J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther.


Jun 16, 2016 ... ... Aligner version 3.7.1 (CodonCode Corporation, Centerville, MA, USA). All coding .... Warrell D.A. Geographical and intraspecies variation in the clinical ... Daltry J.C., Wüster W., Thorpe R.S. Diet and snake venom evolution.


... dr (b) Richards Gordon .....1971 carport permit 69733 16 (b) MacArthur D A: •17 .... .....1945 house altered permit 44412 14 (o) Wuster C B (b) Custance bros: 15 .... restaurant adds permit 63439 concord 617 (o) Fantasia land corp (b) Santini ...


Jun 2, 2017 ... All statistical analyses were performed with SPSS 22.0 (IBM Corp 2013). ..... Theakson R. D. G., Thorpe R. S., Warrell D. A., & Wuster W. (2001).


Our research environment is the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation ...... por Ranganathan, e a Teoria Geral da Terminologia (TGT), criada por Wüster.