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THE FOLLOWING RIDDLES were collected in October and No ... The number of Turkish riddles available ..... 41. dalda ?ingir asili, / iginde helva basilir. -yemig.

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features of riddle language, that is, the linguistic characteristics ...... —dalda. — Dalda (a brand of vegetable shortening). This riddle consists of three padas in ...


BhaviniOnline.com Riddle & Jokes · Nostalgia ..... Dalda taboo word - An ad of Dalda, hydrogenated vegetable oil, a low cost alternative to butter oil. The brand  ...


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(That poet sells Dalda (a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil).) Note that according to new Marathi spelling (शुद्धलेखन) standards, the word for poet should ...


However, it was the marketing campaign in 1939 for a vanaspati (cooking fat) brand called Dalda, by LINTAS that truly turned brand naming on its head.