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jsalasr@ipn.mx (J. Salas). Please cite this article as: J.R. Terven, et al., Head- gestures mirroring detection in dyadic social interactions with computer vision- ...


Jan 29, 2016 ... D. Richardson, R. Dale, K. Shockley, Synchrony and swing in ... J. Terven, J. Salas, B. Raducanu, Robust head gestures recognition for ...


u res, and (j) acceptable rel iabil ity. Revi ewe rs compared ... Kane, 2008; Cook- Cottone, Jones, & Haugli, 2010; Dale et al.,. 2009; Mc Ive r, O'Hall ... h erence to yoga in terven tion. (atten d ance or com pletion of sessions). > 70%?. N. A. N. A.


Henry L Riveire Samuel Gaines Saml Dale. Joshua Killen ... Samel Rivers William Godfrey Littleberry J Newsem ... James Mills Elisha Terven Martin Wells.


4, To Mr. and Mrs. Dale Robinson, Chicago, a girl. To Mr. and ... 28, Eleanor Gerdes, Gridley, Henry J. Kutzner, Flanagan. March ..... Lyle P. Terven. Lexington .


Mar 2, 2005 ... Dale Frisbie. 145 3/8 2002 Pike. Steven Anderson ... Timothy Terven. 157 4/8 2002 McLean. Matthew ... J. Kent Julius. 155 2/8 1987 Marion.


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Linda Denehy1, Julie Lanphere2 and Dale M. Needham3* ... terven tion and timing of onset. C on trol. S elected results (in terven tion vs. con trol). Trials with diff ..... McCallister K, Hall J, Kress J (2009) Early physical and occupational therapy.


terven tions. ... j. Despite the increased focus on active limb move- ments in patients with LBP, minimal ...... dale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc; 1983.