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Salim J. Abel, James W. Abel, Woodrow R. Abely, Edward. Aberirk, Emil. Ablacinckos .... 270 Littleton Rd. 1. 13 Walnut St. 2 ...... Cook, Barbara J. 1. 3ii North Rd.


?James, head of a Patapsco Upper Hundred, Baltimore County household of 10 " other .... The elder Aminadab died before 14 April 1665 when Southy Littleton of ...... then dwelling in Queen Anne's County called Darbara's Inlett for 10 pounds.


Additional material was submitted by Charles Littleton and Darbara Littleton; Robert L. Burgdorf, Jr., Professor, David A. Clarke School of Law; David Ferleger,  ...


Gauthereaux, Eddie Joseph German, Saul Gibson, Robert B. Gilbert, Herman ...... Julie Provetere Schweickhardt, Louis Herbert Smith, Barbara J. (Jean) Smith, ...... Ida Hunt Kinsey, Trellis A. Kittok, Leatrice 'Lea' Langhoff, Charles A. Littleton, ...


Correspondence of an editorial nature is to be addressed to Mrs. J, S. ...... Barbara Higgins-Phi UPsilon Omicron, Phi KaPPa Phi ...... Franklin, Littleton, Colo.


AJ.j. .11 1 II ti>m^ BASED ON THE VISITATION OF THAT COUNTY :JADE BY ...... Son ^v i;eiv mar- of Shnrboroncli OJdlvarv u\ Cu • V\'.! wid of ned Barbara (Aleves ct Com ...... Edward -- Littleton of Piila- ton [co : Staff or if] Esq'' now living 1680.


Littleton, L. b NH ... Dec 18, 1950, by J Peaslee, JP, Ply, son John De Freitas, Portugal, .... Franklin, D, b Albania, and Darbara Joseph, Franklin, L, b Albania.


Armstrong, James, 467. Arora, A.C., 31, 34, ...... Littleton, C. Scott, 482. Llewellyn ...... Singh, Darbara, 4, 48, 54, 55, 99, 103, 204, 245, 250, 253,. 321, 343, 395 ...