Who We Are and How We Got Here is a 2018 book on the contribution of genome-wide ancient DNA research to human population genetics by the geneticist David Reich.


Reich's research team at Harvard University has produced evidence that, over a span of at least four ...


Apr 20, 2018 ... The Harvard geneticist David Reich details his groundbreaking research into ancient DNA in “Who We Are and How We Got Here.”


Nearly Complete Replacement of Iberian Y chromosomes in the Bronze Age. Two previously unknown genetic exchanges between North and South America.


Mar 29, 2018 ... Using advances in DNA sequencing, the geneticist shows the effects of migrations and the mongrel nature of humanity in this fascinating study.


Mar 13, 2018 ... Turi King hails David Reich's thrilling account of mapping humans through time and place.


DNA from them, effectively sequence their genome, and compare them .... Zhan, Teri Genschoreck, Teresa Webster, and David Reich, “Ancient Admixture in.


Apr 12, 2018 ... Interesting article from David Reich that I had missed, at Nautilus, Social Inequality Leaves a Genetic Mark. It explores one of the main issues ...


Massive technological innovations now allow scientists to extract and analyze ancient DNA as never before, and it has become clear--in part from David Reich's  ...