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The Davidic line refers to the tracing of lineage to King David through the texts in the Hebrew Bible, in the New Testament, and through the following centuries.


In Bible prophecy, several verses relate to the future of the Davidic line. Christians argue that Jesus fulfills these prophecies, while skeptics and Jews disagree.


Jun 6, 2018 ... The Davidic Dynasty honors the history, lineage and heritage of the royal line of King David and identifies people of legitimate Davidic descent.


Davidic Line Today. I'm wondering what happened to the House of David. After the end of the Kingdom of Judah was there any memory what happened to King ...


Aug 16, 2016 ... Susan Roth founded the Davidic Dynasty organization in 2000 to gather and reunite Davidic descendants in the Holy City of Jerusalem.


How does Isaiah view the traditions of God's protection of the Davidic king and of the Holy city of Jerusalem?


Thus the Davidic line of succession remained in place only for two tribes. The other ten, paying homage to a foreigner, constructed for themselves false altars of  ...


What counts in Biblical terms is descent through the male line. .... One fount of the Davidic line may have penetrated West European nobility via France!


The Davidic line (also referred to as the House of David) (known in Hebrew as Malkhut Beit David (מלכות בית דוד) – "Kingdom of the House of David") refers to the ...