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Advocates. John Cornyn Argued the cause for Texas, et al., as amici curiae, by special leave of court, supporting the petitioner. Jay Alan Sekulow Argued the cause for the petitioner. Anthony P. Griffin Argued the cause for the respondents ...


Does Totten v. U.S. prevent a district court from considering Jane and John Does' due process and tort claims that the CIA refused to keep its alleged promise to provide them with life-time financial ... Respondent. John Doe, et ux. ... Jane and John Doe said they performed espionage activities abroad for the United States.


gene, Dax (Dawes et al., 1994). To increase our number of NB markers, we have cloned the Schistocerca seven-up (svp) gene, which is dynamically expressed in NBs in both insects (Doe,. 1992; Broadus et al., 1995). In addition, we use an antiserum to the prospero (pros) protein (Matsuzaki et al., 1992), which labels.