Right to counsel means a defendant has a right to have the assistance of counsel (i.e., lawyers), and if the defendant cannot afford a lawyer, requires that the government appoint one or pay the defendant's legal expenses.


A criminal defendant's right to an attorney is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. ... to improper questions and evidence, and presenting any legal defenses.


Indigent defendants who are represented by appointed lawyers and defendants who can afford to hire their own attorneys are both entitled to adequate ...


On the other hand, defense counsel does have a general duty to investigate a defendant's background, and limiting investigation and presentation of mitigating  ...


The Supreme Court has held that legal counsel must provide effective representation. Almost all defendants in capital cases cannot afford their own attorneys.


Feb 28, 2018 ... Defendants aren't supposed to pick a dog in the lead counsel fight. ... But I can't remember ever seeing a defendant in a federal securities class ...


Hypothetically, persons can hire a lawyer to represent ... The closest, and the one that may ultimately lead ... defendants their legal rights, ask whether they are.


of State defendants in the 75 largest counties in 1996 and 66% of Federal ... the same sentence on average with appointed or private legal counsel. 119. 103. 98.


lead counsel. 4.3.3 THIRD-DEGREE LIST: Lawyers on the third degree list may represent defendants charged with third-degree felonies, state jail felonies ...