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A Defense Liaison counsel evolves when there are multiple parties in a given litigation. Often each defendant grouping in multiple defendant matters will have liaison counsel. Liaison counsel's.


On this date, the Court entered Case Management Order #2E which amends Case Management Orders 2, 2A, 2C, and 2D regarding the pretrial schedule for the second bellwether trial, making it consistent with the pretrial schedule for the first bellwether trial.


May 16, 2017 ... ALL CASES. MDL NO. 2740. SECTION “N” (5). JOINT REPORT NO. 3 OF LIAISON COUNSEL. (Status Conference, May 12, 2017). NOW INTO COURT come Plaintiffs' Co-Liaison Counsel (“PLC”) and Defendants'. Liaison Counsel (“ DLC”), who respectfully submit this Joint Report No. 3 of Liaison Counsel.


appointment of a defendants' liaison counsel or other similar representative is often helpful in simplifying the litigation and expediting motion practice. The role of a defense leadership team in multi-defendant cases is often one of coordination, in contrast to the more substantive and strategic role of plaintiffs' leadership.


Sep 11, 2014 ... coordinating positions on non-substantive matters, the appointment of a defendants' liaison counsel or other similar representative is often helpful in simplifying the litigation and expediting motion practice. Best Practice 2C(ii): The transferee judge should designate lead counsel who will act for all.


The Massachusetts and Rhode Island trial courts have designated Lawrence G. Cetrulo, chairman of our Asbestos Practice Group, as Liaison Counsel for defendants in their states' asbestos litigation docket In this capacity, Our firm negotiates with plaintiffs' counsel on behalf of all defendants and conducts discovery on ...


Feb 25, 2016 ... with Herzfeld & Rubin, defendants' liaison counsel. THE COURT: All right. MS. DAWSON: Good morning, Your Honor. Cari Dawson,. Alston & Bird defense, liaison counsel. THE COURT: Good morning. May I ask a question? I know you're defense liaison counsel but you also have, sort of, a specialty here; ...


Defended and acting as Liaison Counsel for market-maker defendants in stock option litigation and settlement of related class action cases. Defended a chemicals company against criminal investigation and multidistrict federal direct purchaser Sherman Act and multistate indirect purchaser unfair trade practices litigation.


January 10, 2013, Notice of Substitution of Party, Counsel, and Liaison Counsel, Click Here. Morgan ... March 4, 2013, Plaintiff's Notice of Submission of Letter Regarding Omitted Defendants, Click Here. May 17, 2013 ... February 28, 2014, Joint Dismissal Protocol For Certain Exhibit A Defendants, Click Here. April 24, 2014 ...