Right to counsel means a defendant has a right to have the assistance of counsel (i.e., lawyers), and if the defendant cannot afford a lawyer, requires that the government appoint one or pay the defendant's legal expenses.


Indigent defendants who are represented by appointed lawyers and defendants who can afford to hire their own attorneys are both entitled to adequate ...


A criminal defendant's right to an attorney is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. ... to improper questions and evidence, and presenting any legal defenses.


... differently. What's the difference between council and counsel? ... In general, counsel is advice or instruction. ... Will the counsel for the defendant please rise?


On the other hand, defense counsel does have a general duty to investigate a defendant's background, and limiting investigation and presentation of mitigating  ...


Whether a defendant receives a free lawyer to ... Hypothetically, persons can hire a lawyer to represent ... defendants their legal rights, ask whether they are.


If a defendant cannot afford an attorney, the government is required to provide the defendant an attorney. Such defendants receive legal representation from the  ...


Your task is to work with a group of concerned individuals to answer this question : How will your state ensure high-quality legal defense for indigent defendants?


Cases requiring appointment of counsel for indigent defendants hold that, as a ... 354 Counsel's obligation is a general one: to act within the wide range of ...