Defendant definition: A defendant is a person who has been accused of breaking the law and is being tried in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...


Jun 8, 2018 ... There's a difficult tension between users' right to privacy, and defendants' right to a fair trial.


Feb 19, 2019 ... Watch Brooklyn Defenders: New York Defendants Are Left in the Dark, a Politics video from NowThis.


In civil litigation, the plaintiff is the party that initiates the lawsuit against the defendant. Sometimes, the defendant will not only respond with an answer, but will ...


1 day ago ... DETROIT – A former Michigan court officer has admitted to embezzling more than $20,000 from defendants he coerced with his badge and gun ...


Jun 27, 2018 ... Children separated from their parents at the border are being ordered to appear for their own deportation proceedings, attorneys say.


Nov 14, 2018 ... The defendants have filed motions to dismiss claims for money damages attributed to medically unnecessary prescriptions, saying plaintiffs ...


Jan 8, 2019 ... "The criminal justice system punishes indigent defendants in a way that it does not punish wealthy defendants," the court said in an opinion ...


1 day ago ... Yale rescinds student's admission as defendants charged in alleged $25 million college entrance scam plead not guilty in Boston federal court.