In psychology, avoidance/avoidant coping or escape coping is a maladaptive coping ... is an aspect of avoidant personality disorder, but not everyone who displays such behaviors meets the definition of having a personality disorder.


Avoidance definition is - an action of emptying, vacating, or clearing away. How to use avoidance in a sentence.


Avoidance definition, the act of avoiding or keeping away from: the avoidance of scandal; the avoidance of one's neighbors. See more.


avoidance definition: The definition of avoidance is the process of staying away from something or someone. (noun) Not answering the phone is an example of ...


Define avoidance. avoidance synonyms, avoidance pronunciation, avoidance translation, English dictionary definition of avoidance. n. 1. The act of shunning or  ...


Renal impairment is not uncommon in the elderly and, if severe, may necessitate reduction in methotrexate dosage or, in severe cases, avoidance of ...


Looking for online definition of avoidance behavior in the Medical Dictionary? avoidance behavior explanation free. What is avoidance behavior? Meaning of ...


Definition of avoidance - the action of keeping away from or not doing something, the action of repudiating, nullifying, or rendering void a decree or contr.


Define avoidance (noun) and get synonyms. What is avoidance (noun)? avoidance (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.