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Define self-assured: sure of oneself : self-confident.


And he says that with something he does share with Christopher—a tone of absolute, self-assured certainty. The Brit Who Stormed Broadway Tim Teeman December 7, 2014. She was vibrant, passionate, compassionate, determined, courageous, self-assured, and present. Libyan Activist Pays Tribute To Slain Spiritual ...


Self-assured definition: Someone who is self-assured shows confidence in what they say and do because they are... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


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self-assured meaning, definition, what is self-assured: having confidence in your own abilities: . Learn more.


self-assured definition: The definition of self assured refers to having confidence in yourself. (adjective) An example of a self assured person is someone who knows she is smart and who thinks well of herself....


Define self-assured. self-assured synonyms, self-assured pronunciation, self- assured translation, English dictionary definition of self-assured. adj. Having or showing confidence and poise. self′-as·sur′ance n. adj confident of one's own worth ˌself-asˈsuredly adv ˌself-asˈsuredness n adj....


A slip, mistake, or unintentional move, followed through with confidence and panache as if it were intended all along. Cats are masters of this: a cat might leap and miss, then calmly look at you as if to say "Yeah, I meant to do that." "What's the band doing? That's weird... and interesting!" "I've never heard them play it that way ...

Jul 23, 2017 ... Definition of self assured by merriam webster definition for english language learners. Self confident someone who's self assured is in themselves. Self assu...