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A taxis is the movement of an organism in response to a stimulus such as light or the presence .... Animal Behavior Desk Reference: A Dictionary of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution, Third Edition (3, illustrated, revised ed.). CRC Press.


Sep 6, 2018 ... Taxis definition is - reflex translational or orientational movement by a freely motile and usually simple organism in relation to a source of ...


Sep 13, 2018 ... Taxi definition is - taxicab; also : a similarly operated boat or aircraft. How to use taxi in a sentence.


Taxis definition, arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences. See more.


Feb 13, 2016 ... Taxis is a behavioral response of a cell or an organism to an external stimulus. It should not be confused with kinesis, which is also a ...


Define taxis. taxis synonyms, taxis pronunciation, taxis translation, English dictionary definition of taxis. n. pl. tax·es 1. Biology The responsive movement of a ...


Taxis definition: the movement of a cell or organism in a particular direction in response to an external... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Definition of taxi - a motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter.


a locomotor response toward or away from an external stimulus by a motile (and usually simple) organism.