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A. W. Richard Sipe, while focusing on the topic of celibacy in Catholicism, states that "the most commonly assumed definition of celibate is simply an unmarried or single person, and celibacy is perceived as synonymous with sexual abstinence or restraint." Sipe adds that even in the relatively uniform milieu of Catholic ...


Celibacy definition, abstention from sexual relations. See more.


Having no sex whatsoever. Usually as part of a religious vow, even though not many religions practice it.


Define celibacy: the state of not being married; abstention from sexual intercourse; abstention by vow from marriage — celibacy in a sentence.


Define celibacy. celibacy synonyms, celibacy pronunciation, celibacy translation, English dictionary definition of celibacy. n. 1. Abstinence from sexual relations. 2. The condition of remaining unmarried, especially for religious reasons. n. 1. abstention from sexual relations....


A person who refrains from being sexually active is celibate. "They dated for three years in high school but committed to staying celibate until marriage — something they were grateful for after breaking up and marrying others when they got older.


Definition of celibacy - the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations.


celibacy definition, meaning, what is celibacy: the state of intentionally not being married or having a sexual relationship. Learn more.


celibate definition, meaning, what is celibate: not having sexual activity, especially because you have made a religious promise not to. Learn more.