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... the 1830s— not of the driver but of the person in charge of passengers and collecting fares), while German influenced areas adopted Fahrer (used of coach- drivers in the 18th century, but shortened about 1900 from the compound Kraftwagenfahrer), and the verbs führen, lenken, steuern —all with a meaning " steer, guide, ...


6 days ago ... Drive definition is — to frighten or prod (game, cattle, etc.) into moving in a desired direction. How to use Drive in a sentence.


Drive definition, to send, expel, or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion: to drive away the flies; to drive back an attacking army; to drive a person to desperation. See more.


drive definition, meaning, what is drive: to move or travel on land in a motor vehicle, especially as the person controlling the…. Learn more.


Drive definition: When you drive somewhere , you operate a car or other vehicle and control its movement... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Definition of drive - operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle, propel or carry along by force in a specified direction, urge or f.


Drive-by definition: A drive-by shooting or a drive-by murder involves shooting someone from a moving car . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Define drive (noun) and get synonyms. What is drive (noun)? drive (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


Define drive. drive synonyms, drive pronunciation, drive translation, English dictionary definition of drive. v. drove , driv·en , driv·ing , drives v. tr. 1. To push, propel, or press onward forcibly; urge forward: drove the horses into the corral. 2.