Definition[edit]. Interactive media is a method of communication in which the ... Interactive media works with the user's participation.


Apr 9, 2019 ... Interactive media, also called interactive multimedia, any computer-delivered electronic system that allows the user to control, combine, and ...


Jan 22, 2019 ... Interactive media is a method of communication in which the program's outputs depend on the user's inputs, and the user's inputs, in turn, affect ...


Video games, DVDs, cell phones and the Internet are an integral part of the modern day world. All of these technologies employ interactive media....


For the purposes of this Guide, in the context of upper secondary and postsecondary education, interactive multimedia is defined by three criteria: Interactive ...


Define interactive multimedia. interactive multimedia synonyms, interactive multimedia pronunciation, interactive multimedia translation, English dictionary ...


a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together.


Sep 6, 2017 ... The common types of interactive media. ... Communication Channels. A definition of communication channel with examples.


Interactive multimedia is multimedia which gives the user some navigational controls. A good example is the Internet.