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The concept of justifiable homicide in criminal law stands on the dividing line between an .... in arresting him cannot arrest him or prevent him from fleeing by other means than killing him, the killing shall be deemed to be justifiable homicide.


Justifiable homicide. Also found in: Dictionary, Wikipedia. Related to Justifiable homicide: Excusable homicide. justifiable homicide. n. a killing without evil or ...


Justifiable deaths are not the same as a crime of passion or a claim of ... results from the necessary actions of a police officer would all be justifiable homicides.


Justifiable homicides are "no fault" homicides. They ordinarily involve the death of someone under circumstances of necessity or duty (commanded or authorized  ...


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Definition of JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE: the term that is given to killing a person out of necessity, because of his duties and without blame.


The legal definition of Justifiable Homicide is The blameless killing of another human being.


Define homicide: a person who kills another; a killing of one human being by another ... and that is excused under the law; also :justifiable homicide in this entry.


Capital punishment is also considered justifiable homicide. Preventing a prisoner from fleeing by means of deadly force may also be considered justifiable ...