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In mathematics, two variables are proportional if there is always a constant ratio between them. ... To express the statement "y is inversely proportional to x" mathematically, we write an ... Formally, two variables are inversely proportional ( also called varying inversely, in inverse variation, in inverse proportion, in reciprocal ...


The statement " y varies inversely as x means that when x increases, y decreases by the same factor. In other words, the expression xy is constant: ...


Sal explains what it means for quantities to vary directly or inversely, and gives many examples of both types of variation.


Definition of inversely. 1 :in an inverse order or manner. 2 :in the manner of inverse variation. varies inversely. NEW! Time Traveler. First Known Use: 1660.


For example, x and y vary indirectly means x*y is constant. ... The converse is y varies inversely with x such as y=10/x where any increase in x ...


Inverse definition, reversed in position, order, direction, or tendency. See more.


While direct variation describes a linear relationship between two variables, inverse variation describes another kind of relationship. We say y varies inversely  ...


Direct & Inverse Variation ... This means that as x increases, y increases and as x decreases, ... We say y varies inversely with x (or as x , in some textbooks) if :.


Example 1 – If x varies inverse as y, and x = 7 when y = 3, find y when x = 9. ... Inverse variation problems are solved using the equation Inverse . Step 1.