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A benefit of cooperative membership is the share in margins the cooperative earns annually. When there is a positive net margin, present and former members receive allocation letters announcing their share of that net margin from the previous year after the distribution of the Annual Report.


Licensed Driver Training School Instructors. Acree, Norman E. Addington, Christine D. Aden, Timothy. Agee, David M. Aker, Nathaniel L. Allen, Carrie L. Allen, Christopher B. Amrhein, Daniel L. Amrhein, Dennis. Amstutz, Jerry. Andrews, Brett. Ankenbruck, Nicholas L. Ankney, Merle. Arquette, Peggy M. Arvin , Raymond G.


12/31/09, Nightingale Care Services, Inc. d/b/a Nightingale Home Healthcare v. Luisi Enterprises, Inc., et al. (NFP) ...... 49A04-0808-CR-486. 03/13/09, Dennis M. Horrall, as Successor Trustee of the Mary Y. Skelton Revocable Living Trust, et al . v. Phyllis J. Motts, et al. (NFP) ...... 07/15/08, Greg Tribby v. State of Indiana (NFP ) ...


Gao, M. Cao, M. Suastegui, J. Walker, N. R. Quiroz, Y. Wu, D. Tribby, A. Okerlund, L. Stanley, J. V. Shanks and Z. Shao†, “Innovating a Nonconventional Yeast Platform for Producing Shikimic Acid as the Building Block of High-value Aromatics”, ACS Synthetic Biology, DOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.6b00132 (2016). Matthiesen, M.


001, 003, Myers, Sallie N. 20 Jul 1843, 9 Jun 1869, w/L. C.; d/R. C. & C. Mauck ( dec), Partially illegible-death date below ground. 001, 003, Miller ...... 004, 017, O' Connor, Dennis, 11 Jun 1887, Age 34; son ...... 007, Tribby, William, Mrs. No visible marker - C. R. shows burial plot 15x grave 10; C. R. shows date 10 Aug 1910.


007, 001, Tribby, James R. 1910, 1997, East Inside - Row 6. 007, 001, Tribby, Maggie S. 1920, 2002, East Inside - Row 6. 007, 001, Trobaugh, Lois A. East Inside - Row 6. 007, 001, Trobaugh, Dennis D. East Inside - Row 6. 007, 001, Trobaugh, Harry O. 1916, 1990, East Inside - Row 6. 007, 001, Trobaugh, Thela E. 1921 ...


4030 Approved Records In This Cemetery Last Record Was Added or Updated On 12/9/17 at 6:00:13 AM CST. A: ABBAS, Raymond F; ABBOTT, Russell E Sr; ABELTINS, John R; ACKELSON, John E; ACKER, Vere H.; ACKERLY, Eugene R ; ACUFF, Carl C; ADAMS, Carl V; ADAMS, Charles E; ADAMS, Jerry R; ADAMS ...


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