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Chapter One - Critical Thinking. “ . . . intelligence . . . is in plentiful supply . . . the scarce commodity is systematic training in critical thinking.” --Carl Sagan. “The true critical thinker accepts what few people ever accept -- that one cannot routinely trust perceptions and memories.” –James Alcock. “Truth gains more . . . by the ...


Jun 18, 2014 ... Descartes then asked whether it would be possible, under those circumstances, to actually know anything at all. His answer, of course, was ... To make a long story short, Moore's counter to the BIV argument essentially reduces to simply asserting knowledge that one is not a BIV. Which, ahem, pretty much ...


work is to elucidate systematic convergences (and divergences) between Descartes and Husserl throughout ... terms of steps in the cognitive act of doubting, and not merely in the content of that which is doubted. 6. .... one defines philosophy as the search for what is first, this first has tv\o senses, two dimensions into which.


and in Section 2.4 I suggest that Descartes is best read as appropriating the Stoic notion of ot'keiosis. However, it is not clear how a purely mental good can be rec- onciled with ... being, the one who has realized “all the perfections of which human nature is capa- ble” (18 ..... The mechanism of a clock cannot but follow the.


The Faculty of Philosophy. November ..... The attraction of a foundationalist theory is that if it is true, then it may provide a solution to the infinite regress problem. When we claim to know something, the sceptic can ask: how do you know? ... it may not provide a definitive account of knowledge possession as Descartes surely.


One is the level of the finite mind turned inside out by the idea of infinity. Descartes' realization that the idea of the infinite could not be created by a finite mind and that it, therefore, must have been .... starting point for rational inquiry that is true beyond doubt, and then rebuild his knowledge ... One cannot meaningfully claim,.


Jan 1, 2004 ... It does not entail that the one who has been “converted”3 would remain so for the rest of one's life. Rather, the reduction must be practiced repeatedly; the ... progresses from a descriptive phenomenological psychology to a systematic universal “science” ..... In the time between doubt and confirmation the.


Jul 25, 2016 ... A Cartesian skeptic will argue that no empirical proposition about anything other than one's own mind and its contents is sufficiently warranted because ...... Justified true belief. The islander's belief is false. It's not knowledge. When he claims to know things about LaLa Land, which he regards as an actual ...


The former is reasonable, but the latter is not, because it is inconsistent. The very concept that there is no absolute truth is itself an absolute concept, and so if it were true then by itself it cannot be absolutely true, which is self-contradictory. Note that one must also avoid the fallacy that anything that is ...