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Destruction refers to damage to an object, system, being or idea, as in legal damages and physical vandalism. Destruction may also refer to: Destruction Bay  ...


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Define destructive: causing destruction : ruinous; designed or tending to hurt or destroy — destructive in a sentence.


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Destructive definition, tending to destroy; causing destruction or much damage ( often followed by of or to): a very destructive windstorm. See more.


The definition of destructive is destroying or creating chaos. An example of someone who is destructive is a person who breaks up every friendship he has ever ...


causing destruction or much damage. Synonyms: wasteful · crushing · caustic · soul-destroying ... 2. self-destructive (adj.) dangerous to yourself or your interests.


destructive meaning, definition, what is destructive: causing, or able to cause, damage: . Learn more.


If something causes a lot of damage, you can talk about its destructive force or power. Something is destructive when it really messes things up.