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Do photos of the World Trade Center fire reveal the face of Satan?

May 4, 2007 ... World Trade Center - Devils Face Made Of Smoke. jumperwtc ... 12 seconds in you can see it on the bottom left smoke.. lol i actually thought ...
Jan 22, 2012 ... Devils Face in Smoke of the Twin Towers. ... Unseen Satan face in WTC Smoke 9 /11. - Duration: 1:56. AllPowerIsGod 97,727 views · 1:56.


You may have heard of the pictures taken of the World Trade Center while it was burning, in which the smoke formed the face of Satan. Some of these photos ...


Some people saw the face of Satan in smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center after it was struck by a hijacked airliner on September 11, 2001.


The World Trade Center was on fire. I raised my camera and took the first photo. THE photo. "The Face in the Smoke" It was 9:04 am on 9/11/2001.


Aug 27, 2011 ... The “devil face” that many saw in the billowing smoke within seconds after Flight 175 smashed into the South Tower was almost certainly not ...


ART. FOUND ART IN THE SMOKE: The World Trade Center Devil Photo ... One of his pictures shows what appears to be the face of Satan amidst the smoke.


Flames, debris and smoke burst from the south tower of the World Trade Center as it is struck by United Airlines Flight 175 on Sept. Although the south tower was  ...