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There are a wide variety of Betta fish diseases and while it may seem to the untrained eye that the symptoms of these diseases are similar, often times they can ...


In this case, look for other symptoms of sickness ... by the white patches that appear on your fish.


Sick betta? Here is a matrix of the most common betta fish symptoms and their corresponding illnesses and diseases to help you identify a diagnosis. This is not  ...


Jun 9, 2017 ... Betta fish (or Siamese) suffers from a wide range of infections & diseases. Learn how to prevent, diagnose & treat common Betta fish infections ...


Oftentimes when a betta gets sick, people waste a lot of time. Because a)- they don't catch it early enough, b)- they don't know how to diagnosis the sick fish and  ...


Learn how to diagnose and treat your sick betta fish.


Is your betta fish sick? Compare your betta's active symptoms to these common betta fish diseases. Learn how to treat them and prevent them in the future.


A sick Betta fish usually changes its behavior towards diet on a huge level. ... immediately diagnose it for health related problems as it is a clear sign of sickness.

Mar 17, 2014 ... She takes really good care of her fish but then this betta got sick and would ... I just lost my fish to velvet and he had symptoms of having trouble ...