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Once you have your ingredients, you want to form them into a pile using alternating layers. For example, in the diagram below, we have repeating layers of 3" of ...


Composting is the natural breakdown of organic matter to produce a crumbly nutrient-rich soil. The resulting compost can be added to other soil types as a ...


Composting information: How build compost pile, how to build a compost bin, what materials to use to make compost, trouble shooting, and use of compost in ...


Layer the compost pile as you add materials to facilitate decomposition by ensuring proper mixing. An example of ... diagram showing layers of a compost pile.


Learn home composting with step-by-step illustrated instructions, tips and resources on over ... Below is a handy 6-step diagram on how to create a Batch Pile.


A teaspoon of productive soil generally contains between 100 million and 1 billion bacteria. That is as much mass as two cows per acre.


Pit composting, also sometimes called trench composting, is less unsightly than a compost pile and less work than building a homemade compost bin. All you ...


Building Your Compost Pile. What are we really doing? Put a pile of leaves, a cardboard box and a watermelon in your back yard, exposed to the elements, and ...


Although compost making the hot way is quick, making compost the slow way is easy. ... You can't add to this pile as you go along. ... Diagram of a compost pile.