Bartolomeu Dias a nobleman of the Portuguese royal household, was a Portuguese explorer. ... Bartolomeu Dias (/ˈdiːəs/; Portuguese: [baɾtuluˈmew ˈdi.ɐʃ]; Anglicized: Bartholomew Diaz; c. 1450 – 29 May 1500), a nobleman of the ...


Bartolomeu Dias, in full Bartolomeu Dias de Novais, Bartolomeu also spelled Bartholomew, Dias also spelled Diaz, (born c. 1450—died May 29, 1500, at sea,  ...


In 1488, Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias (c. 1450-1500) became the first European mariner to round the southern tip of Africa, opening the way for a sea.


Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias is today remembered for his scientific missions around the coast of Eastern and Southern Africa. His journeys proved to be ...


He was the first European explorer to sail around the tip of Africa, proving the ... Very little is known about Bartolomeu Dias' (also spelled Bartholomew Diaz) ...


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Dec 7, 2017 ... Bartolomeu Dias, also called Bartholomew Diaz, was a Portuguese ... discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 and maritime explorer.


Bartholomew Diaz (1450-1500), Portuguese explorer. Also called Bartolomeu Dias, in 1488 he navigated down the western coast of Africa and sailed round the  ...


Bartolomeu Dias (or Diaz). Portuguese Adventurer & Explorer ... of Africa was Bartholomew Diaz (or Dias), a courageous Portuguese sea captain and explorer.