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May 14, 2010 ... ... by leaf toughness (Koptur, 1985; Heil et al., 1999, 2002; Eck et al., 2001). ..... Oliveira PS, Rico-Gray V, Diaz-Castelazo, Castillo-Guevara C.


May 9, 2012 ... S6; Steidle and van Loon, 2003; Heil et al., 2005). ... Clustering of Ptt differently expressed genes (extrafloral nectaries versus leaves). .... produced as defense in the secretory cell on demand (Díaz-Castelazo et al., 2005).


Preparation of plants and quantification of nectar followed Heil et al. (17). ..... Oliveira P S, Rico-Gray V, Diaz-Castelazo C, Castillo-Guevara C. Funct Ecol. 1999 ...


Dec 17, 2007 ... V. Outlook, 14 ..... ant community (Bentley, 1976; Blüthgen et al., 2000; Díaz- Castelazo et al., 2004; Oliveira & Freitas, 2004; Kost & Heil, 2005), ...


Feb 9, 2012 ... (B) Scatter plot of Hj (diversity) versus δj (specialization) for each treatment tested . ..... Heil M, Koch T, Hilpert A, Fiala B, Boland W, et al. (2001) ...


Sep 12, 2017 ... Citation: Diaz-Rizo V, Bonilla-Lara D, Gonzalez-Lopez L, .... Hutcheson et al., observed that leptin and adiponectin increased in LN versus ..... Frommer KW, Zimmermann B, Meier FM, Schroder D, Heil M, Schaffler A, et al.


Jun 18, 2016 ... King M, Heil E, Kuriakose S, Bias T, Huang V, El-Beyrouty C, McCoy D, Hiles J, Richards L, ... Patel Z, Heil EL, Magarakis M, Klyushnenkova E, Leekha S, Bruns B, Tesoriero R, Chen H, Diaz J. .... In: Koda-Kimble et al., eds.


by Heil & McKey 2003), the relation between condi- tionality and type of food ... dune environment (Díaz-Castelazo et al. 2004; Rico-Gray et al. 2004). Several ...


Cecilia Díaz-Castelazo ..... (Dáttilo et al., 2013b), where ki is the mean number of links for a given ant species i, .... Defence efficiency correlates directly with the number of workers recruited (Heil & McKey, 2003; Rico-Gray & Oliveira, 2007). .... V. 2014c . Individual-based ant-plant networks: diurnal-nocturnal structure and ...