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Ethel: Dang, that Bobby just fixed my car, punched a rhino, and cooked an awesome dinner for 50 people in one day. What a beast. I wish he was mine.


Bobby definition is - police officer. How to use bobby in a sentence. Did You ... Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and  ...


Origin of bobby. 1835–45; special use of Bobby, for Sir Robert Peel, who set up the Metropolitan Police system of London in 1828 ...


Definition of bobby - a police officer.


Many socks stores carry bobby socks, and they can also be ordered through specialty suppliers and uniform companies, or knitted by hand, for people who are ...


Define bobby. bobby synonyms, bobby pronunciation, bobby translation, English dictionary definition of bobby. n. pl. bob·bies Chiefly British A police officer. n ...


See also: Bobby ... bobby (plural bobbies). (Britain, slang) ... Hellweg, Paul (1986 ) The Insomniac's Dictionary , Facts On File Publications, →ISBN, page 108.


Bobby definition: A bobby is a British police officer, usually of the lowest rank. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


bobby definition: noun pl. -·biesBrit., Informal a British policemanOrigin of bobbyafter Sir Robert Peel, nicknamed Bobby, who reorganized the London police ...