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The most sweet and caring guy you will ever meet. Very kind and never leaves anyone out. Tries to bring a smile to people's faces. The most gorgeous guy you will ever see. They usually play football and are very athletic. People will often call him gay because he's sometimes open about his feelings. Any girl would be lucky ...


"body of a ship," 1550s, perhaps from hull (n.1) on fancied resemblance of ship keels to open peapods (cf. Latin carina "keel of a ship," originally "shell of a nut;" Greek phaselus "light passenger ship, yacht," literally "bean pod;" French coque " hull of a ship; shell of a walnut or egg"). Alternative etymology is from Middle ...


Nov 19, 2017 ... Define bobby: police officer — bobby in a sentence.


Define bobby. bobby synonyms, bobby pronunciation, bobby translation, English dictionary definition of bobby. n. pl. bob·bies Chiefly British A police officer. n , pl - bies informal a British policeman n., pl. -bies. Brit. policeman. Noun 1. bobby - an informal term...


bobby definition, meaning, what is bobby: a police officer: . Learn more.


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bobby definition: noun pl. -·biesBrit., Informal a British policemanOrigin of bobbyafter Sir Robert Peel, nicknamed Bobby, who reorganized the London police force...


Meaning: "London policeman," 1844, from the familiar diminutive form of the masc. proper name Robert, in reference to Mr. (later Sir)… See more.


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