Having a naturally high capacity for fat cells within the body while maintaining a normal human shape; usually resulting in a round face, curvy figure, and a softer  ...


A Chubbysex. A phrase used for a semi erect penis. i had a chubby, then a full erection · #a#chubby#semi#erect#penis. by Jim willy November 20, 2009.


Chubby definition is - plump. ... Other Words from chubby Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about ... Dictionary Entries near chubby.


The hereditary prince, chubby and fat, almost blind, strange and odd - if not to say an imbecill - attempts to imitate his father but only makes himself artificial and ...


Definition of chubby - plump and rounded. ... 'a pretty child with chubby cheeks'. More example sentences. 'Brian said the chubby New Zealand animals were ...


Chubby definition, round and plump: a chubby child; a chubby face. See more.


The definition of chubby is someone plump, rounded or slightly overweight. When you have a toddler who is round and plump, this is an example of someone ...


chubby meaning, definition, what is chubby: slightly fat in a way that looks healthy ...: Learn more.


Someone who's chubby is plump or slightly overweight. If the vet mentions that your cat's getting a little chubby, you might need to cut down on the cat treats.