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[en-sahyn; Military en-suhn]
a flag or banner, as a military or naval standard used to indicate nationality.
a badge of office or authority, as heraldic arms.
a sign, token, or emblem: the dove, an ensign of peace.
the lowest commissioned officer, ranking next below a lieutenant, junior grade, and equal to a second lieutenant in the Army.
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Ensign is a junior rank of a commissioned officer in the armed forces of some countries, normally in the infantry or navy. As the junior officer in an infantry regiment was traditionally the carrier of the ensign flag, the rank acquired the name. This rank has generally been replaced in army ranks by second lieutenant . Ensigns ...


Ensign definition, a flag or banner, as a military or naval standard used to indicate nationality. See more.


Define ensign: a flag that is flown (as by a ship) as the symbol of nationality and that may also be flown with a distinctive … — ensign in a sentence.


What is Ensign? Definition and meaning:ENSIGN en'-sin.


Definition of ensign - a flag or standard, especially a military or naval one indicating nationality., the lowest rank of commissioned officer in the US.


KJV Dictionary Definition: ensign. ensign. EN'SIGN, n. en'sine. L. insigne, insignia, from signum, a mark impressed, a sign. 1. The flag or banner of a military band; a banner of colors; a standard; a figured cloth or piece of silk, attached to a staff, and usually with figures, colors or arms thereon, borne by an officer at the head ...


Use the noun ensign when you talk about a Navy officer. An ensign's rank is just below lieutenant and above a non commissioned petty officer or midshipman.


ensign definition, meaning, what is ensign: a flag on a ship that shows which country the ship belongs to. Learn more.


Define ensign (noun) and get synonyms. What is ensign (noun)? ensign (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.