Evident definition, plain or clear to the sight or understanding: His frown made it evident to all that he was displeased. It was evident that the project was a total ...


3 days ago ... Evident definition is - clear to the vision or understanding. ... See the full definition for evident in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


evident meaning: 1. easily seen or understood: 2. easily seen or understood; obvious: . Learn more.


Definition of evident - clearly seen or understood; obvious.


If something is evident, it's visible. If you blush furiously and start shaking every time your crush comes near, your infatuation will be evident to everyone.


Synonyms of evident - obvious, apparent, noticeable, conspicuous, perceptible.


Define evident. evident synonyms, evident pronunciation, evident translation, English dictionary definition of evident. adj. Easily perceived or understood; ...


SYNONYMY NOTE: evident, apparent apply to that which can be readily perceived or easily inferred, but , evident implies the existence of external signs [ his ...


evident definition: The definition of evident is obvious or easily understand. ( adjective) An example of evident used as an adjective is an evident fact, which is  ...