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Taxis definition, arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences. See more.


1907, shortening of taximeter cab (introduced in London in March 1907), from taximeter "automatic meter to record the distance and fare" (1898), from French ...


Define taxis: reflex translational or orientational movement by a freely motile and usually simple organism in relation ... taxis in a sentence. ... Medical Dictionary ...


Define taxi: taxicab; also : a similarly operated boat or aircraft — taxi in a ... Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and  ...


Feb 13, 2016 ... Taxis is a behavioral response of a cell or an organism to an ... or not directionally oriented whereas in taxis the movement is directional.


Define taxis. taxis synonyms, taxis pronunciation, taxis translation, English dictionary definition of taxis. n. pl. tax·es 1. Biology The responsive movement of a ...


Taxis definition: the movement of a cell or organism in a particular direction in response to an external... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


in ancient Greece, a unit of troops of varying size. Origin of taxis. ModL < Gr. Biol. the movement of a free-moving cell or organism toward or away from some ...


Definition of taxi - a motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter.