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A taxis is the movement of an organism in response to a stimulus such as light or the presence .... Animal Behavior Desk Reference: A Dictionary of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution, Third Edition (3, illustrated, revised ed.). CRC Press.


Taxis definition, arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences. See more.


On Friday, a 26-year-old woman ordered a taxi in Delhi using the Uber app. Uber Finally Gets Banned—in Delhi. Olivia Nuzzi. December 8, 2014 ...


Taxis definition is - reflex translational or orientational movement by a freely motile and usually simple ... How to use taxis in a sentence. ... Medical Dictionary  ...


Taxi definition is - taxicab; also : a similarly operated boat or aircraft. How to use taxi in a sentence. ... BROWSE DICTIONARY · tax-free · tax haven. taxi. -taxia.


Definition of taxi - a motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter.


A serious knee injury ended his own playing ambitions in the 1970s and he drove taxis among other odd jobs before reinventing himself as a manager.


Running late? Call a taxi. A taxi is a car you hire to drive you somewhere. In some big cities, all you have to do is raise your hand and yell "taxi!" and a taxi will  ...


Define taxis. taxis synonyms, taxis pronunciation, taxis translation, English dictionary definition of taxis. n. pl. tax·es 1. Biology The responsive movement of a ...