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Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 until 2007, and was the Republican nominee for president of the United States in 2012. Mitt Romney is a successful businessman with a political pedigree: his father, George Romney, was the governor of Michigan from 1963-69 and ran for the Republican nomination for president in 1968. (He was defeated by Richard Nixon.) Mitt Romney graduated from Brigham Young University in 1971, and earned both a law degree and an MBA from Harvard in 1975. Rom More »
Name at Birth: Willard Mitt Romney
Born: March 12, 1947 (Detroit, Michigan)


Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and politician who ... Romney was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United ... He did participate in his father's successful 1962 Michigan gubernatorial .... Mitt Romney wanted to pursue a business career, but his father advised him ...


Dec 24, 2012 ... Mitt Romney didn't really want to win, his son Tagg Romney claims in a ... " Clearly he did want to be president," Crotty told ABC News, "but I can ...


Dec 24, 2012 ... No one wanted to be president less than Mitt Romney, his son said in an ... sought to look beyond that narrative and examine what really went wrong. ... 2002 run for governor of Massachusetts — did not join the campaign.


Jan 4, 2016 ... Mitt Romney of Massachusetts not to run for president in 2016. ... ROMNEY: I wanted to be president, but here's why I didn't run again ... And Jeb, I think very wisely, had begun raising money and getting things started early on, ...


Mar 4, 2016 ... Mitt Romney never really stopped wanting to be president. Even last January, when he announced that he would not pursue a White House bid ...


Nov 4, 2012 ... But what does looking at the right data actually tell us about why Romney wants to be president, and what kind of president he'd be?


Nov 7, 2012 ... Among them, 61% of men and 55% of women voted for Mitt Romney. ... He's " very white," having come from Utah, being Mormon, being a ... Again, this is nothing to crow about, unless, of course, you want to compare us to the ...


Jun 30, 2016 ... Mitt Romney's family is still pleading for him to mount an independent bid for the presidency, the ... Mitt Romney: My family still wants me to run for president ... Romney did not specify which of his five sons sent him the note.


Jun 11, 2016 ... Mitt Romney suggested Friday that Donald Trump's election could legitimize racism ... "I don't want to see a president of the United States saying things which ... But he did show a new openness to one non-Trump candidate, ... it would be very easy for me to vote for Bill Weld for president," Romney said.