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Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt was a weak and asthmatic child who grew up to be one of the most robust and ambitious U.S. presidents ever. A former New York City police commissioner (1895-97), author, and hero of the Spanish-American War (1898), he reluctantly accepted an offer to become William McKinley's vice president upon McKinley's re-election in 1900. When McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Roosevelt became the youngest man ever to become president. (He was 42.) He served two terms, built up the Navy, u More »
Born: October 27, 1858 (New York City, New York)


United States Presidents and their families have often had pets while serving in office. ... After allegedly sending back ships to rescue his dog, Roosevelt was ridiculed ... denying he had a slush fund but admitting, "there is one thing that I did get as a gift that I'm not going to give back. ... No known pets ... Theodore Roosevelt.


President Roosevelt loved the pets as much as his children did. ... Alice, Quentin's sister, also had a pet garter snake that she named Emily Spinach (" because it ...


Due to the parrot's colorful plumage, Theodore is said to have commented that it ... At age 9, Archie Roosevelt was granted a pet badger named Josiah, "whose ...


Theodore Roosevelt Jr. is a name synonymous with the idea of hyper-masculinity for many Americans. ... His early childhood illnesses seem to have directly contributed to his later love of physical exercise as well as the ... Did You Know…


Theodore Roosevelt has gone down in history not just for his ... At one time, the Roosevelt children did have a small black bear in residence, named ... As there is little to no information on the 5 gifted bears, it is likely that they too were ...


Jan 15, 2009 ... She threw an actual badger at President Theodore Roosevelt. ... as wise as Obi Wan (or any Jedi for that matter, 'cause how cool would it be to have .... So, not only did he spread his seed across a large chunk of the globe, but ...


Apr 26, 2013 ... Theodore Roosevelt was always fascinated with nature and animals. His legacy can ... Once he borrowed a bunch of snakes from a pet store.


Because the crisis had seemed to have passed, ... When Vice President Teddy Roosevelt (1858-1919) assumed the presidency after ... Roosevelt was known to have said that perhaps no family enjoyed the White House more than they did.


Jul 28, 2017 ... Alice Roosevelt, the president's oldest child, had a pet snake named ... Theodore is said to have commented that the bright blue bird, which ...