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Hammerhead sharks are known to eat a large range of prey such as fish ... eating other hammerhead sharks, including its own young.


Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to ... mallet-shaped head, they can more thoroughly scan the ocean for food.


In effect, hammerhead sharks have a 360 ° view, that is, they can see above and below them at the same time, which helps them to find food. This vision plus ...


While some sharks are probably not very selective feeders, certain sharks eat some foods more than others. For example, hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna spp.)  ...


Luckily, we are completely aware of the feeding habits and diet of the Great Hammerhead Shark. These sharks enjoy the tastes of various animals such as other ...


scalloped hammerhead sharks are born into Kaneohe Bay every year. ... Our experiment is designed to find out how much food a scalloped hammerhead shark.


Hammerhead sharks, or sphyrnids, are perhaps the most. ... In fact, the great hammerhead specializes in hunting and eating large stingrays, and some members ...


The Great Hammerhead shark preys on a diverse group of marine animals. ... octopus, porcupine fish, grunts and even smaller sharks (like smoothhounds). ... Diet. What do Great White Sharks Eat? - Great White Shark Diet & Eating Habits.


Learn some of the imperative hammerhead shark facts for kids including hammerhead sharks diet, habitat, and species. The hammerhead sharks are the group ...