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Pachyuromys duprasi is a rodent belonging to subfamily Gerbillinae. It is the only member of .... The difference between a male and a female fat-tailed gerbil is the same as with other small rodents. This difference can be seen at the distance ...


A gerbil is a small mammal of the order Rodentia. Once known simply as "desert rats", the ... Gerbils are typically between six and twelve inches (150 and 300 mm ) long, including the tail, which makes up about one-half of their total length. ... A female may attack a male, but usually he is more than a match for her.


Here you'll see how to see the differences between males and females at different age. You may have problems at first to set them apart but with practice you'll ...


Whether you adopt a pair of female gerbils or a pair of male gerbils is up to you, and ... In terms of looks, there is very little size difference between the genders.


Sexing Mongolian gerbils becomes quite straight forward from around 5 weeks of age and there are distinct visible differences between males and females.

Apr 6, 2009 ... The sex of gerbils is determined by examining the animal's genitalia ... THe guy gave me male and female gerbils and now i have three babies.
Feb 3, 2015 ... PLEASE READ!! YAAAAY!! The gerbils finally co-operated xD Please don't be rude :D Many gerbil owners/breeders are interested in learning ...
Apr 2, 2012 ... And a fight between two male gerbils would actually be less dangerous, since males tend to be gentler and more laid-back than females, ... Telling A Gerbils Sex & Male and Female Personality Differences - Duration: 3:51.


A gerbil is a rodent halfway between a rat and a mouse in size. ... Both females and males will get along happily with a companion of the same sex, especially if  ...