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Mar 23, 2011 ... Which of the many Bible versions is best for reading and studying the Bible? How do they differ?


With the surplus of Bibles available in many different translations, it may help to understand the basic differences between each. Word-for-word (also known as formal equivalence) translations attempt to match the original language words with the closest English language counterpart. Thought-for-thought (also known as ...


Jun 2, 2004 ... These three differences--textual, informational, philosophical--have been the parents of a new generation of Bible translations. But are these translations any good? ... versions speak of the "tree of life." Altogether, there are hundreds of textual changes between the King James and modern translations.

Aug 16, 2016 ... I thought this video was very helpful to someone who knows nothing about the bible or religion. Perhaps you can help me to understand a few questions I am trying to answer. Which bible do Jehovah Witnesses and Jew's use if not the KJV ? If the jewish religion was here first, wouldn't their version be more ...


Above chart taken from http://www.zondervanbibles.com/translations.htm <link no longer active> ... English Bible Translation Comparison chart taken from http:// www.gospelcom.net/ibs/bibles/translations/index.php. Translations not identified in ... This explains the difference between the KJV and all cited modern versions.


It is a problem in that the different translations can create controversy and problems in Bible studies, teaching situations, etc. The differences between the translations can also be a subject of great division within the church body. It is probably wise to have access to at least two or three of the major translations KJV (King ...


Use Bible Verses by Comparison to read all translations side by side. Study Bible verses using NIV, KJV, ESV, and all versions found on one page.


The subject of Bible versions can get very controversial among Christians, with sometimes rather heated feelings on all sides. There are those who say the King James Version is the only reliable version and that all other versions are " perversions." Then there are others who say it doesn't matter which Bible versions one ...


Differences Between Bible Versions [Gary F. Zeolla] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discusses translation principles, Greek text types, and KJV Onlyism . Advocates a literal or formal equivalence translation method and the use of the Textus Receptus or Majority Greek Text for translating the New  ...