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The following is a list of major areas of legal practice and important legal subject- matters. By area of study and practice[edit]. Administrative law · Advertising law · Admiralty law · Agency law · Alcohol law · Alternative dispute resolution · Animal law · Antitrust law (or competition law); Appellate practice · Art law (or art and ...


Still, it is a good idea to learn about the various types of law practice well before you decide to submit law school applications. ... other than the U.S., and in most Civil Law countries, the roles of a prosecutor (or procurator) and defense lawyer ( or advocate) are separated more clearly into different professional specialties.


Law schools encourage you to explore the many fields and specialties available to you. You don't have to commit to a particular major or focus area while in law school. Once you complete your law school's core curriculum, you have the freedom to take a variety of courses. If you know the field of law you want to pursue, you ...


Discover Connections Hear from undergraduates who want to be lawyers because they know which fields of law they care about. Fields of Law Legal professionals describe the different practice areas a JD degree will make available to you. Find Your Inspiration Real lawyers tell their own stories about the different fields of ...


Many lawyers entered law school wishing ultimately to work in the field of civil rights—the area of law that is concerned with the balance of governmental power ... Both types of criminal lawyers deal with fundamental issues of the law and personal liberty. ... The practice of health law encompasses many different disciplines.


View in-depth information on the different types of lawyers and attorneys as well as a comprehensive career description.


Find different types of law degrees, school information and legal degree programs. Learn more about the kinds of law to practice.


Within each practice setting, there are typically different individual organizations that focus on one or several practice areas. For example, direct ... Each page provides a brief description of the practice area and the type of work lawyers in that area do, as well as suggested resources and example employers. While these are ...


Many people are unsure about the different types of lawyers. This article summarizes 18 of the most common types of lawyers and explains their practices.