Photography involves technical acuity, artistic vision, and a perceptive engagement with the world. Continuing Education Digital Photography Certificate is a ...


You'll learn how to fully utilize your digital camera's features and simple tricks to create beautiful images.


Description. The Digital Photography For Law Enforcement Level 2 (DPLE 2) is designed to equip the experienced law enforcement officer, investigator, and/or ...


Learn about digital photography by earning a minor in the subject at Lindenwood University. The minor requires 21 credit hours.


The digital evolution has accelerated the growth of digital photography and enabled many individuals working in related fields to add this invaluable skill.


The Fundamental Editing List, discussed in this article, includes the most important steps in digital photography. Why? Read on. Let me begin by stating, “ There ...


Ready to take your digital SLR photography to the next level? Learn how to unleash the power of RAW file technology to create stunning images. Get han .


Kodak engineer Steven Sasson invented the digital camera in 1975. Within 25 years the technology would overtake analog film materials and dominate the ...


Course Description. Whether you are brand new to the digital world, or have recently taken the step from film to digital format, this course will help to take the ...