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The Rosary usually in the form of the Dominican Rosary, is a type of prayer used especially in the Catholic Church named for the string of knots or beads used to count the component prayers. When used as the type of prayer, the word is usually capitalized ("the Rosary"), as is customary for other names of prayers, such as ...


The number of beads is meant to correspond with the number of psalms. One isn' t required to use a rosary to pray in the Catholic Church, but many people find that a rosary is helpful and conducive to prayer. Rosary bracelets in particular, because they are easy to wear and have with one always, remind one to say the  ...


May 13, 2016 ... Making beads from roses is a wonderful way to keep special flowers with you forever. It takes ... Anytime you have a lovely bouquet, you can make the petals into lovely beads for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, or perhaps a rosary. ... It would be hard to blend it too much, but easy not to blend it enough.


“I just received my rosary bracelet. It's absolutely beautiful. I am so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship that went into the making of it. I will be wearing it every day. I've already received so many comments on it.I'm so happy I found you .” – Beverly, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. “I received my Rosary bracelet. It's beautiful ...


Prayer beads are common in most of the major religions of the world--Christianity , Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as Islam. In Islam, the beads are called "subha ," which means "to exalt" in Arabic. They come in different sizes, but the most common has 100 beads. The beads are used to recite the attributes of God, and the ...


The silver-tone chain and cross charm highlight the delicate wooden beads of this functional rosary bracelet. A great gift for a friend or family member.


Jun 22, 2012 ... Ave Maria! CORRECTION: string needs to be 65 inches long. Sorry if you already cut yours! =( My bad. How to make a rosary bracelet that is not simply one decade, but a full rosary long! I found the hanging part of the three angelic greetings to be sort of annoying when I attempted to wrap a rosary around ...


Visit us now and use our interactive Rosary designer to create your custom Rosary. Choose a crucifix, center, and beads; we will then hand make it for you.


Anyone who knows six easy prayers can pray a Rosary; you will also need to know twenty Mysteries to meditate upon as you pray. You do not have to be a Catholic. ... Rosary Beads. If you do not have Rosary beads, it is perfectly okay to count with your fingers. Counting beads frees your mind to help you meditate.