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However, ferrets do not have to be smelly, and particularly pet ferrets that live within the home rather than in outdoor hutches smell very little, if at all, and so you ...


control the odor. With the use of the right methods and supplies, a ferret smells no worse than a dog or a cat. Though ferrets do have a slight musk to them, ...


First, we will examine how to manage odors from ferrets themselves. Next, we will ... The anal scent sacs do not contribute significantly to the smell of the ferret.


How Much Do Ferrets Smell? I live in a two bedroom apartment with my 3 ferrets. Visitors can't smell them unless I forgot to empty the litter box that day. If I have ...


Ferrets are adorable and charming critters, but the number one complaint ... as it can cause respiratory problems and won't do a very good job at odor control.


Mar 19, 2010 ... There is a common misconception that ferrets smell worse than cats or .... mother that ferrets really don't smell as bad as she thinks they do?


Although it is not entirely unpleasant, the smell just never seems to go away, even after bathing. What is this ... Ferrets also have these scent glands that produce a substance with a strong musk odor. Often ... Is There Anything You Can Do?


Which one will smell worse? Well, let's get right to the point. Do pet ferrets smell? Yes. Do they smell bad? No. I have in my room two ferrets, and room is about ...


Two things you can do to cut down on your ferret's odor are to bathe them less often and clean their bedding more often. Most of the musk stays in the cloth, ...