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Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs and chelicerae with ... Unlike insects, spiders do not have antennae. ..... Image of a spider leg: 1–coxa; 2–trochanter; 3–femur; 4–patella; 5–tibia; 6–metatarsus; 7– tarsus; ...


Arachnids are a class (Arachnida) of joint-legged invertebrate animals ( arthropods), in the subphylum Chelicerata. All arachnids have eight legs, although the front pair of legs in some species ... legs. Arachnids are further distinguished from insects by the fact they do not have antennae or wings. ...... ISBN 87-7934-001-6.


As Rebecca said, all spiders have eight legs. Well, at least all spiders START OUT with eight ... Many spiders can get along quite well even with fewer than eight legs. And if the ... Originally Answered: Are there any kind of spiders with 6 legs?

Jun 11, 2012 ... here is a video of a spider I found. The problem is the spider only has 6 legs and I thought all spiders have 8. Do you know what kind of spider ...


Nov 14, 2015 ... Insects have three body segments, six legs, and two antennae. Some types of insect have long antennae which can be mistaken for a 4th pair ...


Oct 3, 2012 ... It's the same reason that most cartoon people have 3 or 4 fingers ... Thus, an 8 legged spider now has 6 legs, making it look like a tick instead.


I found this spider in my room so I put it in a jar. I fed it a fly this morning and while I was watching it eat I noticed that it only had 6 legs but... ... Looks like a wolf spider but I can hardly tell you what spp. .... recently found two different types of spider-looking insects around my house, both of which have 6 legs, ...


May 14, 2014 ... ... Northern Maine. It looks like a spider but all spiders have 8 legs. We are all stumped as to what it is. Can anyone identify this mystery insect?


Nov 4, 2008 ... Can you identify this spider, and is it harmful? I thought it was odd ... I am surpised that you did not comment on his 6 legs. Isn't that unusual ... Since moving to Florida, I have been fasinated by the spiders . . . Joan. Huntsman ...