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Out of all the places on the body, getting a tattoo on the wrist can be especially painful. We explain how bad the pain is, and share tips on reducing pain.


Sep 2, 2017 ... Are you interested in wrist tattoos? Whether it's your first tattoo and you're wondering how painful a wrist tattoo, here's an overview of what you ...

Sep 22, 2012 ... hi, so this is me getting my first tattoo on my wrist i love my tattoo, i don't give a ... my wrists, and im terrified that if i do get a tattoo it will pierce my vein. ... I just got mine yesterday :D It didn't really hurt that bad, like a 2/3 but near ...


Ive never had a tatoo, but want one on my inner wrist. I want a rainbow colored infinite tatoo with myy chidrens names and birthdates. How painful wou.


So for that person saying their artist said the wrist is the most painful, that artist (or the answerer) is full of sh*t. I'd like to know what reputable ...


Mar 19, 2014 ... Do not drink alcohol the night before getting inked. ... for taking care of your skin and tattoo as they can be painful and risky. 5. ... Inner wrist; 2.


Tattoo Pain Chart Scale How Bad Do Tattoos Hurt .... For boney areas places like the ankles, hands and wrists, feet, spine, ribs, collarbone, kneecaps and ...


Tattoos are probably the best thing you can do to your body if you are a sincere ... They didn't let me get a wrist tattoo when I was a teenager. ... Tattooing hurts.


Least to most painful places to get tattooed (to give you an idea): Shoulders (most ) Back Head / ... Kelly Bell, what do I really know ... Do inner wrist tattoos hurt?